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Anie Pelletier

Anie Pelletier graduated as an Engineer from Institute Technology Surabaya, Indonesia, where she received the Student of Honor Award.  Not only, because of her high grade in class, but also her dedication to the Community and her achievement in several activities. After pursuing her career in Indonesia for a while, she got a scholarship opportunity to study abroad, where her journey began to an adventure life in USA. She went to University of Denver, received Master of Business Administration degree,

with major in Finance RE and Computer Management Information Systems, where she met her husband. She also went to Colorado State University to get GIS specialization.
She tries to balance between her career as a Software Consultant in several companies (at Hewlett Packard, NCR, Trimble and currently at Bio-rad Boulder), taking care of the family, organizing event and playing Javanese gamelan.
In 2008, she is a co-founder of ARCINDA,and Kyai Brojo Marto Javanese Gamelan, helping both Indonesian and American groups.
She is trying to gain her skill back from 20 years ago. She danced when 8 years old, then became interested more in gamelan music. She learned to play Javanese gamelan since high school, and becoming the member of the university Javanese gamelan group.
She played Bonang (one of Javanese gamelan). Bonang has an odd order of 14scale sets position. Half set scale up, from the left to the right, and half set scale down from the right to the left. The rarely used scales of bonang can be positioned in the very far end.  This odd order challenges the brain to control both hand movement to hit the right notation.

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