(The Arts and Culture of Indonesia)


1)Bonang,Gender,Slenthem   2)Kendang, Gong      3)Demung,Saron,Peking

Kendang (Drummer) is used to lead or conduct the orchestra
Gong is for music cycle. Kenong is to cycle in between gong
Peking (saron penerus) is double of melody
Bonang is to lead, set tempo, and play chord flowering (kembangan)
Demung is the main/big melody. Slenthem is the melody
Saron is the melody, sometimes, plays interlock with the other saron
Gender is to play chord

Bonang                                                                                   Kendang

Gender                                                                                   Slenthem

Demung                                                                         Peking

Saron 1                            Saron 2                                                              Rebab

Gong                                                                                   Kenong

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